What Happened to Design Creations?

DC is going through a MAJOR transformation. DC will NO LONGER operate as a business.
DC will no longer sell products or take any orders to sell/make a product.

DC will become a personal creation/art/painting page we I will show off things that I now make
for the pure enjoyment and challenge of creating such items.

In A Nutshell:

Some of you may be asking, "What is Design Creations?" Design Creations is many things really. It began as a construct of my wife's
design back in the Virtual World SecondLife. At the time we we were creating 3D virtual products and selling them for virtual currency which we
could trade back for real world currency. It was not a get rich quick deal, but the funds it brought in were nice in a pinch.

A little More Detail:

I started in 3D design back in 2003/2004 with GMax and Flight Simulator 2004. After MANY months of frustration,  trial and error I finally got the
hang of the program and began creating simple objects.  I moved on to AutoDesk 3DS Max with its more advanced feature set and just continued from there.

In 2004 I was introduced to the Virtual World Second Life. I tried my hand at 3D creation there but just couldn't get the hang  of it like I could in GMax
or 3DS Max. Then in 2010 SL did a wonderful thing, they introduced MESH! This enabled me to use  3DS Max to create objects and import them into the
Virtual Grid! Thus Design Creations was born.  Along with my  Wife, Nikki, we embarked on a whirlwind of creation; houses, furniture, architectural
features and all kinds of things. We eventually moved from SL to InWorldz then we tried our hand at our own Grid. Then we just kind of stopped,
 lost interest maybe. Things kind of got annoying with people being weird and demanding and lots of drama in the virtual worlds.

We stayed off grid for a while, then in 2020 the year of "covid" we had a windfall come our way and we dusted off Design Creations,
 converted our garage into a Workshop/Den, bought some tools, a GlowForge, a 3D Printer and a small CNC machine and just went to town!

I've been steadily honing my 3D Printing knowledge and skills, dusting off my 3D Modeling know-how and learning about
 Laser Engraving/Etching/Cutting. I'm even TRYING to get the hang of the CNC. Now THAT is a tough nut to crack!

Right now I'm mostly downloading and modifying designs here on Thingiverse, doing ReMixes as I learn and practice with my
 3D printers and I dabble a bit with a few "from scratch" designs as needed. I'm not an "organic" modeler
 as in I don't have the talent to do characters and such. I mainly to architectural items, inorganic items, building
 blocks, very geometric items. OCCASIONALLY I get creative and come up with something "fluid", but that has to be
 on a really good day and probably in an "altered state of mind" And we won't go into details of what that means. ;-)

So really, Design Creations is a jack of all trades and master of a few.
Don't want to say none, because we do have some nifty tricks up our sleeve

Check out our designs and creations in our Gallery

Wander on over to the DC Gallery

Some previews:

M1A1HC Behemoth Dragon Wagon Bamboo Cutting Board Door Signs

What runs, drives our creative processes and activities.
Take a gander out the PC's, Servers, SoC Boards, Printers and tools we employ.


DC Cameras

When we aren't streaming LIVE you can still checkout the cameras attached to our Printers and Tools and see what projects we have going.


Just a few links to get started:

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DashCam Project

I'm a bit of a tech-head, ok maybe that's a bit of an understatement. I got my first computer in 1982 and was in the IT field professionally in
the '90s when the Internet was really getting started. I worked for the big companies like AT&T, IBM, Digital, Honeywell, etc. Around about
2000 I got out because it just got too competitive and everyone was just all about the certificates and the paper you carried. I went
full-time EMS and the eventually Firefighting in 2006. I retired in 2010. Though I still hang onto my tech roots and tinker prolifically.

With the rise of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc and just the craziness of drivers lately I began looking into DashCams.

For one, it's a neat little technical project. Secondly, it provides piece of mind if you should get into or even witness
an accident or other event on the road. Thirdly, it's just kind of a cool thing to do.

Check out my DashCam Project here


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