Dremel DigiLab 3D45
Dremel DigiLab 3D45

Information and My Thoughts

Initially I purchased the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 mostly because it carried the Dremel name and Dremel's
history as a tool company. Then there were the features that it was a pre-built unit, ready to go right
out of the box in just about 30 minutes. Touted a simple interface essentially plug and play. To
Dremel's credit this was all true. I received the printer had it unboxed and ready to go and printing
my first print job in just over 30 minutes. The web interface has the advantage that you can use
just about any flavor of Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, IOS, etc. As long as you have a modern
Web Browser you're in business. The RFID enabled filament spools specific to Dremel take some of
guesswork out of setting up the filament settings and mostly transfer to the web interface for slicing.

The first print job was a spool adapter so that I could use NON-
Dremel filament. There is where we hit the first downside of the Dremel DigiLab 3D45, it's reliance on
proprietary spools of filament. Yes, I knew this going in, but after watching some videos and
reviews and seeing that the community has had success with some various adapters to use
no Dremel filament I went and  pulled the trigger and bought it. Of course the above reason came
into play too.

At first we were rocking and rolling printing like mad fools. Had a few failures, as expected,
some good successes, overall the experience was good. Then disaster struck. I had my first
major nozzle clog. Off to the web and Dremel's support site for help. NOT MUCH THERE. But
there were a few things telling me what to do. UNFORTUNATELY, none of the steps were able
to get my nozzle unclogged. So off I went to purchase a new nozzle. It showed up a few days later
and I was printing again, BUT, a short time later another clog. This went of for a couple of weeks
and about 5 nozzles. I finally reached out to Dremel, the of course sent me a new nozzle, but
 the situation wasn't remedied. I again reached out and this time got a support tech that told
me that the troubleshooting procedure from the first contact wasn't quite right and that I
should have been sent a whole heating assemble, the coil, heater and nozzle. So that came a
few days later with instructions and I sent an email to the tech, we exchanged numerous
emails, pictures and videos of the printer in action with the new assembly and getting the
calibrations just right. Overall the printer performed within specs AS LONG AS I used the
proprietary Dremel filament. Whenever I strayed from that filament I had problems. Of
course the tech also gave me detailed instructions on a full procedure to unclog the nozzle.
 This entailed setting the printer into preheat mode for 30 or more minutes allowing the
clogged filament to soften enough that it can be pushed from the nozzle by the unclogging
tool and new filament. Something that was NOT readily findable on the web.

So now I have a $2000 printer that is locked down to proprietary filament with a
rather limited selection for 500g spools that cost around the same as a
non-proprietary 1kg spool on amazon.

My final thoughts on the Dremel DigiLab 3D45, it IS a nice sturdy well built piece of machinery
worthy of the Dremel name. It is QUICK to setup and get running. The interface is VERY easy
to learn and operate and can be used from just about anywhere. The interface DOES have its glitches.
Timelapse DOESN'T always capture the whole job, You ARE dependent on an ACTIVE internet connection.
Though you CAN load an STL file to USB and used the inbuilt LCD to load your job to the printer.
The Dremel DigiLab 3D45 is WiFi, Ethernet and USB capable. It really does NOT have OctoPrint compatibility
out of the box. Though some folks in the community are working on it.

Would I buy it again? No. It is too limited for serious 3D work. Would I recommend it? Not really, again
it is too limited for serious 3D work. Is it good for light work and an Educational environment (Where
Dremel really targeted this product in the first place), YES. It will definitely stand out there.

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