Amateur Radio

HAM Radio Operator? Check out the Band Conditions:

Design Creations is proud to be a member of the The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society.
We monitor 147.060MHz and can be found at Call Sign KG5YFZ. We also monitor the Digital DMR frequecies
and hover about the BrandMeister WorldWide TalkGroup 91
Occasionally we can be found on D-STAR on Reflector030C.

I use an Icom 5100A as my shack's base station. I've been using a SlimJim antenna from N9TAX Labs hanging from my workshop
ceiling and recently made a bow mount to put on a satellite j-pipe mount to move the antenna outside
to the eave of the workshop. I printed a reducer to fit 3/4" PVC to the j-pipe, the files can be downloaded here.
After the antenna came down about 36 hours later in the usual Oklahoma wind I went on to redesign the
reducer. Though the new design was going to take about 10 hours to print and out of Carbon Fiber.
Considering I had several other more important print projects to attend to, I was thinking to myself that
maybe I was over-engineering the problem. While washing my truck a few days later I looked up and
thought, "Ya know, just a couple of hose clamps outta do the trick." A quick run to Home Depot and
three hose clamps later the antenna is back in the sky and working quite nicely! Sometimes it just pays to
go old school from the get go.

Just a few shots of the completed mount:

Up in the air:

A wee bit crooked, but it's functional!!!!

The satellite dish in the background is going to come down soon and be replace by an Ambient Weather WS-2902C WiFi Smart Weather Station.
Ya can't be too careful in this freak ass Oklahoma Weather!

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